Katsutoshi Yuasa


12. March – 16. April 2011

March 12, 5pm –9pm

Pseudo mythology #3 (Götterdämmerrung). 243 cm x 488 cm (4 sheets), Oil-based woodcut with pigment

Mythologies. Exhibition view 2011


Mythologies. Exhibition view 2011

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The unforseeable actuality of the works is a coincidence - at the opening everybody was very touched and thoughts were with the friends and family in Tokio. As far as Katsutoshi and his wife know, everybody is fine.

Katsutoshi Yuasa´s recent woodcuts do not base upon lines anymore. They now follow the rasterized strucure of digital images. From the internet - pool and laboratory of contemporary myths - Yuasa takes his templates and transfers them into traditional woodcut.

‘We may therefore conclude that imagination is not an empirical power added to consciousness, but it is the whole of consciousness as it realizes freedom.’ Jean-Paul Sartre

I always think about words and images when I make the art work. The words create images and then the images create words. The both are very important for my creation. I’m looking for sensory reality thought my works. In the process of woodcut, it takes a long time to produce a work. It is like a long spiritual journey to my inner world. I start from an image of a photograph as my start point but in the end of the journey, structure of the image is completely changed. The image is going to be a part of sensory realty from a concrete object through repetition of going back and forth between my subconscious and the real world.

My work is a metaphor of a story, a myth or a historical fact but it is unsettled. All my works are connected with the big flow of water in the underground of the inner world. It seems mythology. Roland Barthes says, ‘---there are formal limits to myth, there are no ‘substantial’ ones. --- Every object in the world can pass from a closed, silent existence to an oral state, open to appropriation by society, for there is no law, whether natural or not, which forbids talking about things.’ I would like to put stories on the work in obscurity but I need to open the window for reading stories. Thus, beauty of the work is a value to be applied the imaginary and be given structure. However there is the risk of losing some possibilities of perception in order to the power of the beauty. Therefore I seek a moment of perfect imperfection in the work. I think this moment is from unconsciousness but not happened by accident. So making the work is to dig into the deeper underground for my spiritual evolution. Then I hope to share a pure image in the common foundation.

Even if I talk about the psychological world, it is not about religion or cult. Everyone has imagination in our mind but a way of approaching toward imagination is different. In the book ‘The Imaginary’, Sartre says, ‘We ‘see’ star as imaged and it is a few inches from us but we do not know at all where this image is an image, it is not surrounded by an imaginary universe.’ I am wondering where the reality is. When I see star, I cannot feel the presence. However, when I imagine star, I can feel the reality in my mind. My recent works are about mythology but it is not specific mythology. I am interested in mythology as an image, which we can share imagination beyond the country, religion and any boundaries. I hope my work creates an attractive image, which leads the enriched conversation. Katsutoshi Yuasa