Matthias Reinmuth


12. November – 10. December 2005

Opening: 12th November, 4PM - 8PM


Matthias Reinmuth's paintings lack any sense of gravity. Nor can it be said that they posess a 'proper order of things'. In one place a birch tree hangs suspended, in another the silhouettes of pigs fan out into a floral ballet of domestic animals - hallucinations have never appeared more real. Banal props of the everyday float and flicker in this atmospheric, intangible space. But not only that: mountains of paint, fields of pastel and scratched lumps of oil paint frequently dot the canvas - sometimes covering large areas, sometimes forming minute details - to remind the viewer that we are dealing with painting; in every sense of the word.Between picturesque arrangements (of mushrooms, fir trees, and arenas) in the evening sun and atmospheric backdrops stripped of any sense of place, time and structure, the hypnotic effect of Reinmuth's works begins to unfold. Comparisons to Laura Owens or Cy Twombly have been made. Yet, the dogged adherence to his painterly repertoire combined with the absence of any sense of an underlying design to the composition of the images is what makes Reinmuth's position so unique.