Carina Randløv & Peggy Buth

25. August – 24. September 2005

Opening: 25th August 7pm

Peggy Buth, "Fireworks#3" Red Carpet Wallsculpture, 200 x 250 cm, 2005

The Red Carpet - if you walk on it, you can count yourself among those who have made it. With Hollywood never far from sight, above it an air of glamour, it's length is lined with a guard of honour of high hopes and aspirations. A space emerges defining the border between observer and observed, between 'in' and 'out', between the idolized individual and the screaming masses consumed with desire. Peggy Buth quite literally appropriates this material: she trashes it, burns images of explosions and fireworks into it and straps it to a frame like some kind of loot. The interface between fascination and danger congeals into a blood-crimson signal. The promises start to unravel - step on it at your own peril.In contrast, urban spaces such as pedestrian zones are the catwalk of the masses. Facades become backdrops, ornamental and repetitive stone carpets branch off into streets lined by buildings, rows of windows assemble into horizontal layers. Carina Randløv's drawings erase the life from these stages and disassemble them into fragments. In one place she rips out big chunks, in another she retraces structures in obsessive detail. The scenery reassembles itself, large chunks are torn away and a manic non-rhythm begins to extend into the exhibition space where it creates a collision between the city and the act of viewing art: in the deserted scenery the viewer becomes the constituting element, defining his or her own role in art and the city.And has to decide: for the power of the observer or the power of the observed. Roll out the red carpet.