Performance - Henriette Pedersen
20. February – 21. February 2010

sat 20 February 16h – ANIMAL MAGNETISM 1 sun 21 February 19h – ANIMAL MAGNETISM 2

admission free

The hysteria is embodied by Kristine Karåla Øren and Marianne Kjærsund, dressed by Elinor Ström and musically supervised by Lars Petter Hagen.

The trilogy Animal Magnetism is a tribute to all hysterics. Traditionally, hysteria has been closely associated with women, and originally one believed that hysterical outbursts happened as a result of uterus moving about in the body. The period around the turn of the 18th to the 19th century is considered “the golden age of hysteria”, and it is within this period that Animal Magnetism 1 takes place. Animal Magnetism 2, on the other hand, particularly honours those who travelled to America in the interwar period to practice hysteria in a culture that had not yet abolished the diagnosis. By the time hysteria ceased to be a distinct illness, a whole society had been defiled. At the same time came the discovery of the female sex cell. Animal Magnetism 2 uses the egg as a metaphor for the free, uncontrolled woman, all inspired by Sigmund Freud’s theories about penis envy. The starring hysteric can here commit her bottomless outpourings, her unsolvable orgasms, her unclean virginity without disturbance. Animal Magnetism 2 presents the divergent and jealous female sexuality without reservation, at it’s most wretched